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Random access analyser (HITACHI 917)

Random access analyser (HITACHI 917)

The automatic biochemical analyser Hitachi 917 is a prototype of high-capacity selective analyser. It has a capacity of 800 photometric tests per hour and the possibility of selective choice out of a range of fifty biochemical tests. This involves spectrophotometric methods that utilise measurements of absorbance of the reaction mixture in a cuvette at various wavelengths. A part of the analyser is an ion-selective electrode module for the determination of sodium, potassium, and chlorides. The duration of the video is 17 min.

author: Milan Dastych, Jaroslav Winkler | LF MU | discipline: Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Pathology and Forensic Medicine | category: Digital video, Presentations | keywords: Automation, Clinical biochemistry, Analyser, HITACHI 917 | attachment: 1 | viewed: 8001x | published on: 27.3.2009 | last modified on: 4.12.2018

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Automatic urinalysis
.. This instruction video on automatic biochemical analysers was made in collaboration with the Dept. of.. .. Arkray Aution MAX analyser is a device for automatic chemical analysis of..

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