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Pathophysiology for surgery

Pathophysiology for Surgery

Many medical students in the 5th or 6th year have already partially forgotten the information learned in the 3rd year during the course of pathophysiology, because the main focus of the study has moved onto clinical subjects. However, during the preparation for the state exam from surgery as well as for other clinical exams the students often discover that they need the knowledge of pathophysiology in order to manage the content of the questions for the exams. This is especially true for the topics in general surgery. The aim of our effort was to prepare a textbook in which the students will find the essential up-to-date pathomechanisms of surgical diseases. It is based on the requirements of surgical scientific-pedagogical faculty who are the members of the state exam committee. The textbook is focused not only on pathophysiological aspects of general surgery, but also includes a substantial part of the pathophysiology pertinent to special surgery.
The textbook is based on latest e-learning courses for theoretical training of surgeons. The text is original and is based on the principles of clinical pathophysiology, which are familiar to students that are well-oriented in the study of clinical subjects. The textbook is designed by utilizing an extensive experience gained from the active participation in conducting the state exams in surgery. We believe that the textbook will help students of general medicine in an effective theoretical preparation for the state examination from surgery. In addition, this textbook also has an ambition to help the physicians in their specialized studies.

author: Miloš Tatár | JLF UK v Martine | discipline: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics | category: Educational works | keywords: pathophysiology, general surgery, gastrointestinal tract, vascular system, thorax, urology | attachment: 3 | viewed: 3069x | published on: 16.10.2013 | last modified on: 17.10.2013

Selected chapters from paediatric surgery

Selected chapters from paediatric surgery

This set of educational materials is dedicated to selected topics in the area of paediatric surgery: minor surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute abdomen, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, surgical oncology and congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract; moreover, the battered child syndrome is mentioned as well.

author: Ladislav Plánka, Jana Bartošková, Štěpánka Bibrová, Robert Doušek, Matej Husár, Yvona Kaloudová, Břetislav Lipový, Robert Macháček, Jan Škvařil, Jitka Vokurková | LF MU | discipline: Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Neonatology | category: Multimedia, Presentations | keywords: minor surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute abdomen, thoracic surgery, congenital disorders, plastic surgery, burns, surgical oncology, congenital malformations of GIT, battered child syndrome | attachment: 15 | viewed: 703x | published on: 26.10.2018 | last modified on: 4.12.2018

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