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obesity hypoventilation syndrome

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) is defined as the combined presence of obesity (BMI > 30kg/m2) with awake arterial hypercapnia (pCO2 > 6.0 kPa / 45 mmHg) in the absence of other causes of hypoventilation. The exact prevalence of OHS in the general population remains unknown, and most prevalence data describe subjects with obstructive sleep apnoea, wherein its prevalence has been estimated to range from 10% to 38% in different groups. On the other hand, patients with OHS often suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders. Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea may reach up to 90-95% in OHS patients.

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Stravovanie a podávanie jedla pacientom

Hypoventilačný syndróm pri obezite
.. Výška: 172 cm,  Hmotnosť: 135 kg BMI: 45,63 kg/m2 Fyzikálne vyšetrenie: hyperstenický h.. .. na 24,10 mmol/l, k nárastu pO2 zo 6,48 na 11,40 kPa a saturácie z 81,50 na 97,40%, zároveň došlo .. .. navýšenie tlaku na inspiračný a vznikne tak mandatórny nádych. Tak je zabezpečená adekvátna minú.. ..keywords: E66.22 Extrémna obezita s alveolovou hypoventiláciou B.. ..keywords: Extrémna obezita s alveolovou hypoventiláciou BMI: 40 a viac, J96.11 Chronická respiračná in.. ..keywords: obezita s alveolovou hypoventiláciou BMI: 40 a viac, J96.11 Chronická respiračná in..

Home mechanical ventilation in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
.. dystrophin gene results into a loss of integrity and function of muscular fibres and their.. .. Current disease: 20-year old student with DMD was examined in the respiratory department.. .. This allows for monitoring not only night time hypoventilation due to respiratory muscle weakness and decrease.. .. Anthropometry: Height: 178 cm Weight 36 kg BMI: 11.36 kg/m2 Physical examination: eupnoea,.. .. is about 27 years with some living up to 40 years. In Slovakia noninvasive ventilation is.. .. to assess development of respiratory failure and need to initiate noninvasive ventilation...

Diabetes mellitus asociovaný s cystickou fibrózou
.. a sacharidov. Inzulín zatiaľ ostáva zlatým štandardom v liečbe CFRD. Cieľom kazuistiky bolo p..

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma
.. all cancers. Atelectasis is a common condition with lung cancer. Central bronchogenic tumors often.. .. the emerging developments in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in recent years, it is.. .. of bright red blood. Chest X ray showed extreme progression with homogenous opacification of the.. .. hypertension. Ischemic stroke in the past with residual left hemiparesis. Peripheral artery.. .. sputum in the morning, feeling of tightness and wheezing on the chest. No haemoptysis or chest.. .. and chemotherapy was conducted. After more than 2 years (June 2015) since the diagnosis was..

Management of breast cancer
.. includes a heterogeneous collection of diseases with various histologically defined subsets, clinical.. .. diagnosed life-threatening cancer in women and the leading cause of cancer death among them.. .. gens, frequent X ray and CT of chest and obesity, stress, depressions. Treatment should be.. .. incision around nipple was done, and tumor with safe borders was excised and sent to pathology.. .. regarding the role of screening in women aged 40–49 years, or for the use of ultrasound. In.. .. at the surgery department of our hospital and reported that 2 years ago she had felt a small..

Orálna mukozitída pri liečbe akútnej lymfoblastovej leukémie

Nastavenie liečby domácou umelou pľúcnou ventiláciou u pacienta s Duchennovou svalovou dystrofiou
.. Antropometria: Výška: 178 cm Hmotnosť: 36 kg BMI: 11,36 kg/m2 Fyzikálny nález: eupnoe, n.. .. 27 rokov, niektorí pacienti sa dožívajú takmer 40 rokov. Na Slovensku je podľa metodických o..

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