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Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff

The tutorial film "Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff" presents the basic methodologies used in experimental cardiology, which involve isolated hearts perfused according to Langendorff. It covers up-to-date trends in experimental cardiology. The film may be used at medical faculties and related schools. This instructional material has been created under the support of the University Development Fund of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, project no. G3 1271/2008. This show is shortened version of 29-min movie.

author: Kateřina Fialová, Marie Nováková | LF MU | discipline: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Cardiology, Angiology | category: Digital video, Presentations | keywords: Physiology, Experimental cardiology, Isolated heart, Animal experiments, Langendorff | attachment: 1 | viewed: 7068x | published on: 4.11.2009 | last modified on: 6.10.2011

Mitral valve reconstruction because of Barlow's disease with mitral insufficiency, perioperative SAM (systolic anterior motion)

Mitral valve reconstruction because of Barlow's disease with mitral insufficiency, perioperative SAM (systolic anterior motion)

The case report describes the hospitalization of a 26 year old male with M. Barlow. The mitral valvuloplasty was performed. However, the peroperative ultrasonographic finding documented prolapse of the anterior cusp of the mitral valve into the outflow tract of left ventricle. The surgery was supplemented with a suture of the A2-PA segments of mitral valve. The subsequent finding was satisfactory. No more serious postoperative complications were noted. The patient was admitted to outpatient care on the eighth postoperative day.

Are the case reports useful for you? Would you also require case reports from other clinical disciplines? Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvement? Please provide your feedback by filling out a short questionnaire.

author: Tomáš Toporcer | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | discipline: Cardiology, Angiology, Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics | category: Casuistics in image | keywords: M. Barlow, mitral valve insufficiency | attachment: 14 | viewed: 473x | published on: 22.11.2017 | last modified on: 16.4.2018

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Aortocoronary bypass
.. male admitted to our department for documented ischemic heart disease with affection of three coronary.. .. to our department for documented ischemic heart disease with affection of three coronary.. .. to our department for documented ischemic heart disease with affection of three coronary arteries. The.. .. ECHO – echocardiography; IHD – ischemic heart disease; LCA – left coronary artery;.. .. Treatment strategy: Patient transferred to a heart surgery department for surgical.. .. cummulation of risk factors for coronary artery disease (IHS), ambulatory cardiologist has performed.. ..keywords: Ischemic heart disease, aortocoronary.. ..keywords: heart disease, aortocoronary.. ..keywords: heart disease, aortocoronary..

Cardiac Cycle
.. The animation shows the mechanical events in the heart during the cardiac cycle including the arterial.. .. the cardiac cycle. The mechanical events in the heart including blood flow direction are shown in the..

Constrictive pericarditis, reoperation
.. findings confirmed the recurrence of this disease. Partial pericardectomy was performed with the.. .. IAS – interatrial septum; IHD – ischemic heart disease; IVS – interventricular.. .. of pericardium. Patient admitted to heart surgery department for surgery. Laboratoty.. .. interatrial septum; IHD – ischemic heart disease; IVS – interventricular septum; LA –..

Pathological physiology. Selected chapters.
.. that explain the causes and mechanisms of disease and pathological processes in synergy with their.. ..keywords: mechanisms, disease, case reports,..

Autoimmune hepatitis
.. without additional breathing phenomenas, regular heart rate, fr.92 / min, abdomen without pain and.. .. temperature, was not in contact with infectious disease, alcohol consumption only occasionally. Physical..

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology
.. the three germ layers form, and how the brain, heart, muscle, and internal organs develop. Moreover,.. ..keywords: organogensis, brain formation, somitogenesis, heart formation, muscle formation, endodermal..

Cardiac tamponade due to cardiac metastases
.. present, lung sounds were clear bilaterally, heart sounds were not muted, lower limbs without a.. .. was enabled because of tracheostomy. Current disease: symptoms lasting for 2 days – chest pain,..

Radiology of Gastrointestinal tract (GIT)
.. to the typical findings of radiodiagnostic and disease states briefly the possibilities of their..

Posterior wall myocardial infarction
.. ECG in admission: SR, fr. 73/min, axis of the heart +40°, PQ 140ms, QRS 80ms, STD 2mm V1-V4,.. .. diabetes mellitus, stroke, thyroid gland diseases, operations. MH: Sine. AH: Sine SH, AH:..

.. and propagation of the electric signal in the heart, ECG registration and..

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
.. with signs of pulmonary hypertension, wide heart shadow (Figure 2) Polysomnography: severe.. .. and was admitted to deparment of respiratory diseases. He reported fragmented sleep with 4-5..

Imaging methods of urinary tract
.. to the typical findings of radiodiagnostic and disease states briefly the possibilities of their..

Cardiac output measurement - Thermodilution
..keywords: cardiac output, blood pressure determination, heart catheterization, thermodilution, cardiac output,..

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma
.. disease GOLD C (III). Arterial hypertension. Ischemic stroke in the past with residual left.. .. Personal history: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease GOLD C (III). Arterial hypertension. Ischemic..

Autonomic Nervous system - overview
.. and controls visceral functions. The ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, salivation,..

Aortic valve replacement because of aortic valve stenosis, repair of tricuspid valve because of regurgitation
.. x [CH-F] x [CHP-ZL1] Pracoviská: Department of Heart.. .. hypertension, diabetes mellitus, no other diseases FA: no hereditary diseases in relatives PA:..

Základy kardiotokografie pro porodní asistentky
.. dělohy a srdeční frekvenci plodu (FHR- fetal heart rate). Zobrazení FHR a jejích změn v závislosti n..

Kazuistika založená na důkazu ve výuce pediatrie
.. analysis: enteral nutrition in active Crohn's disease in children. Aliment Pharmacol Ther...

Management of pilonidal sinus
.. pit as the underlying cause of the pilonidal disease was necessary as soon as the oedema subsides...

Ascending aorta replacement and repair of aortic valve because of ascending aorta aneurysm and bicuspid aortic valve with regurgitation
.. x [CH-F] x [CHP-ZL1] Pracoviská: Department of Heart.. .. 47-year-old man PA: no diseases in history, controlled because of ascending..

Aortic dissection
.. or iatrogenic tear in the intima of the aorta. Disease of the aorta and hypertension are the most.. .. Vesicular breathing, frontally spastic, regular heart rate, fr.82 / min, abdomen without pain and..

.. remains the main cause of death from infectious disease in the world. An important reason for the.. .. Current disease: 48-year old patient was referred to Department..

Pediatric otorhinolaryngology
.. physiology, investigations practice by the ORL diseases for study of otorhinolaryngology. Text is.. .. of ear Congenital defects of ear Diseases of the external ear Diseases of the..

Home mechanical ventilation in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
.. Current disease: 20-year old student with DMD was examined in..

Mitral valve replacement and MAZE procedure because of mitral valve stenosis and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
.. patient admitted to the Department of heart surgery for mitral valve stenosis with diagnosed.. .. x [CH-F] x [CHP-ZL1] Pracoviská: Department of Heart.. .. of blood lipids, Sjögren's syndrome, no other diseases. FA: mother died 76-years-old after stroke,..

Imunopatogenéza a imunoterapia ulceróznej kolitídy
.. choroba (CD - Crohn disease) a ulcerózna kolitída (UC - ulcerative colitis) p.. .. zápalový proces čreva (inflammatory bowel disease – IBD). Ulcerózna kolitída (UC - u..

Stres a adaptácia
.. Stress, Catecholamines, and Cardiovascular Disease, ako aj česko-slovenské knižné publikácie Život, ..

Management of breast cancer
.. It includes a heterogeneous collection of diseases with various histologically defined subsets,.. .. Discussion: Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease - 100 different types of malign tumors. The most..

Prvá pomoc pre medikov
.. združuje nadnárodné spoločnosti (American Heart Association, European Resuscitation Council, ale..

Appendicitis acuta and Meckel diverticulum
.. symptoms are unspecific and can mimic other diseases, such as gynecological conditions. Female..

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