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Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff

The tutorial film "Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff" presents the basic methodologies used in experimental cardiology, which involve isolated hearts perfused according to Langendorff. It covers up-to-date trends in experimental cardiology. The film may be used at medical faculties and related schools. This instructional material has been created under the support of the University Development Fund of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, project no. G3 1271/2008. This show is shortened version of 29-min movie.

author: Kateřina Fialová, Marie Nováková | LF MU | discipline: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Cardiology, Angiology | category: Digital video, Presentations | keywords: Physiology, Experimental cardiology, Isolated heart, Animal experiments, Langendorff | attachment: 1 | viewed: 7606x | published on: 4.11.2009 | last modified on: 6.10.2011

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