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Interactive algorithms in the education of selected Acute medicine topics

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics

Algorithmization and procedural management of the therapeutic process has become very popular as quality management systems have developed and health care quality has been assessed. It is obvious that a procedurally-thinking physician can react more efficiently, promptly and economically to critical situations which are so abundant in acute medicine. The interactive educational algorithms on the portal AKUTNE.CZ have been developed with the aim of simulating decision processes in acute patients. The ultimate aim of the algorithms is to make students remember the correct procedures which are necessary for the management of acute situations. This comprehensive work contains 24 interactive algorithms both in Czech and English language which deal with various acute medicine topics. It covers acute medicine from prehospital care to highly specialized hospital care.

author: Petr Štourač, team of students and teachers creating the educational contents of the AKUTNE.CZ portal | LF MU | discipline: Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine | category: Educational works, Multimedia, Elearning, Educational websites | keywords: acute medicine, post-dural puncture headache, analgesia, allergic reaction, toxic reaction, local anaesthetics, acute coronary syndrome, water rescue, hypothermia, car accident, head injury, craniocerebral trauma, central venous catheter, basic life support, sepsis | attachment: 22 | viewed: 7902x | published on: 15.2.2013 | last modified on: 22.9.2015

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.. C.M.J.: Effect of Subatmospheric Pressure on the Acute Healing Wound. Current Surgery, 2004, 61, s...

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