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Molecular biology

Molecular biology

The terms "recombinant DNA technology", "DNA cloning", "molecular cloning", and "gene cloning" all refer to the same process: a transfer of a DNA fragment of interest from one organism to a self-replicating genetic element such as a bacterial plasmid. The DNA of interest can then be replicated (together with the rest of the plasmid) in a foreign host cell. This technology is a common practice in molecular biology labs today.

author: Lumír Krejčí | LF MU | discipline: Biophysics, Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry | category: Educational works | keywords: Molecular biology, mutagenesis, PCR, DNA, cloning, DNA ligation, transformation, plasmid preparation, protein purification, chromatography, sumoylation, SDS-PAGE | attachment: 2 | viewed: 3314x | published on: 18.6.2012 | last modified on: 20.8.2013

Basic principles and Molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology

This educational text titled “Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - ¬physiology and pathology“ describes how embryogenesis proceeds in mammals. In this text, students will learn how the egg is fertilised, how the fertilised egg survives in the mother’s womb (called implatation), how the fertilised egg divides, how the blastocyst develops, how the implanted blastocyst undergos gastrulation or the three germ layers form, and how the brain, heart, muscle, and internal organs develop. Moreover, if the processes go awry, what the baby will be affected. This educational material is recommened to General Medical, Dental Medical students and the students who are taking a developmental biological course.

author: Yuh-Man Wadeley | LF MU | discipline: Biology | category: Educational works | keywords: embryogenesis, fertilised egg, implantation, gastrulation, ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm, organogensis, brain formation, somitogenesis, heart formation, muscle formation, endodermal development | attachment: 1 | viewed: 1875x | published on: 15.12.2014 | last modified on: 4.12.2018

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Neural development and embryonic stem cell-based developmental modelling
.. development using stem cell technologies and molecular biology techniques. This educational article is.. .. using stem cell technologies and molecular biology techniques. This educational article is.. .. 15.12.2014 4.11 MB MEFANET user – Courses Biology I - lecture [VSBI0121p] Biology I - lecture..

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry
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Aktuální genetika / Current Genetics
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Protein preparation
.. - practice [C8857c] Departments: Department of Biology..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. Abbas AK, Lichtman AH, Pillai S. Cellular and Molecular Immunology. 7. Philadelphia: Saunders, Elsevier,.. .. ChA, Jr, Travers P, Walport M. Janeway's Immunobiology. 8. New York, London: Garland Science, 2012: ..

Imunopatogenéza a imunoterapia ulceróznej kolitídy
.. Atreya R, Neurath MF. IBD pathogenesis in 2014: Molecular pathways controlling barrier function in IBD...

Management of breast cancer
.. nodes, large tumours (e.g. ≥5 cm), aggressive biology or clinical signs, symptoms or laboratory values..

.. by students with basic knowledge of medical biology, anatomy and physiology. The students´..

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