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Pathological physiology. Selected chapters.

Pathological physiology. Selected chapters.

The textbook Pathological physiology: selected chapters contains chapters of general and special pathological physiology that explain the causes and mechanisms of disease and pathological processes in synergy with their future clinical application. Simple case reports in the chapters point to the clinical relevance of the knowledge gained in the study of pathological physiology and connect the theoretical and clinical disciplines to be addressed by students in subsequent years of study. It supports the ability of students to think logically and combine knowledge they have already obtained by study of different theoretical subjects.

author: Jana Plevková, Ján Hanáček,Miloš Tatár, Mariana Brozmanová,Tomáš Buday | JLF UK v Martine | discipline: Physiology and Pathophysiology | category: Educational works | keywords: pathophysiology, mechanisms, disease, case reports, pathogenesis | attachment: 3 | viewed: 1350x | published on: 3.12.2017 | last modified on: 4.12.2017

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology

This educational text titled “Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - ¬physiology and pathology“ describes how embryogenesis proceeds in mammals. In this text, students will learn how the egg is fertilised, how the fertilised egg survives in the mother’s womb (called implatation), how the fertilised egg divides, how the blastocyst develops, how the implanted blastocyst undergos gastrulation or the three germ layers form, and how the brain, heart, muscle, and internal organs develop. Moreover, if the processes go awry, what the baby will be affected. This educational material is recommened to General Medical, Dental Medical students and the students who are taking a developmental biological course.

author: Yuh-Man Wadeley | LF MU | discipline: Biology | category: Educational works | keywords: embryogenesis, fertilised egg, implantation, gastrulation, ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm, organogensis, brain formation, somitogenesis, heart formation, muscle formation, endodermal development | attachment: 1 | viewed: 2361x | published on: 15.12.2014 | last modified on: 4.12.2018

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Pathophysiology practicals for General Medicine and Dental Medicine courses
.. downloadable textbook “Pathophysiology practicals for General Medicine and Dental.. .. [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence Pathophysiology practicals for General Medicine and Dental.. ..keywords: physiology, animal experiments, etiology,..

Cardiac output measurement - Thermodilution
.. | 26.4.2012 anyone – – Courses Physiology 2 [B00830] Departments: Institute of..

Autonomic Nervous system - overview
.. | 27.4.2012 anyone – – Courses Physiology 2 [B00380] Physiology 2.. ..keywords: Physiological regulations, Neural control, Neurophysiology..

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff
.. anyone – Departments: Department of Physiology.. ..keywords: Physiology, Experimental cardiology, Isolated heart, Animal..

Lifestyle - nutrition of hygiene and epidemiology
.. of breastfeeding. Physiology of breastfeeding. Feeding recommendations for..

Pediatric otorhinolaryngology
.. about the embryology, clinical anatomy and physiology, investigations practice by the ORL diseases for.. .. to nose embryology Clinical anatomy and physiology of the nose Examination methods of nose ..

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry
.. disorders. Familiarity with biochemistry and physiology is..

Experimentally induced atherosclerosis in laboratory animal
.. 1 and 2 “ is intended for students of Pathophysiology in General Medicine (VLA) and Dental Medicine.. .. – Departments: Department of Pathological Physiology.. ..keywords: pathophysiology, experimental animals, etiology,..

Cardiac Cycle
.. 4.11.2014 464.77 KB anyone – Departments: Physiology..

Materials for Biophysics
.. 39 KB registered user – – Ride physiology | 8.11.2010 55.5 KB registered user –..

Pathophysiology for Surgery
.. in the 3rd year during the course of pathophysiology, because the main focus of the study has moved.. .. [?] Klinicky citlivé [?] Licencia Pathophysiology for Surgery 16.10.2013 1.61 MB anyone –.. ..keywords: physiology, general surgery, gastrointestinal tract,..

.. basic knowledge of medical biology, anatomy and physiology. The students´ interest in tissue..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. – – Predmety/kurzy Immunology [020] Physiology 1 [017] Microbiology 1 [023] Pracoviská: ..

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