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Radiological Imaging Methods
.. imaging methods, their physical principles and future trends of radiology are presented. The.. .. /views/ and to the acquisition of analoque and digital image in radiology. The presentation is followed.. .. and to the acquisition of analoque and digital image in radiology. The presentation is followed by.. ..keywords: imaging modalities, radiography, X-ray views, analogue and digital.. ..keywords: modalities, radiography, X-ray views, analogue and digital.. ..keywords: radiography, X-ray views, analogue and digital.. ..keywords: radiography, X-ray views, analogue and digital image..

Automatic urinalysis
..Digital.. .. automated unit for chemical and microscopic examination of urine. This.. .. millilitre of urine is imbibed from a test-tube and pipetted out into ten indication zones of the.. .. which automatically assesses the microscopic image of native urine. The duration of the video..

Hypertext atlas of Dermatopathology
.. Atlas of Dermatopathology contains thousands of clinical and histological images of skin.. .. contains thousands of clinical and histological images of skin diseases. Virtual microscope interface.. .. individual image parts, shading compensation and fusion of the image parts into one large image... .. 3200 dermatopathological, mostly histologic images. Methods of high resolution image acquisition.. ..keywords: skin diseases, skin tumors, cysts of the skin and subcutis,..

Blood taking
..Digital.. .. Clinical Biochemistry in biomedical disciplines and deals with the description of procedures used in.. .. Bochořáková, Hana Paulová, Josef Tomandl, Jaroslav..

Knee joint aspiration
..Digital.. .. can than be investigated by the biochemical and microbiological methods. Therapeutic puncture..

Random access analyser (HITACHI 917)
..Digital.. .. has a capacity of 800 photometric tests per hour and the possibility of selective choice out of a..

Experimentally induced atherosclerosis in laboratory animal
..Digital.. .. atherosclerosis in laboratory animal - part 1 and 2 “ is intended for students of..

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff
..Digital.. .. The film may be used at medical faculties and related schools. This instructional material has..

Using MIPO technique, LCP 4,5/5,0, to treat intraarticular proximal tibia fracture
..Digital.. .. Wendsche, Ján Kočiš, Andrej Bilik, Radek..

Mini-invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence with tension free vaginal tape TVT-O
..Digital.. .. (TVT) under the urethra has become the golden standard in the treatment of stress urinary.. .. – Departments: Department of Gynecology and..

diagnostic methods of nuclear medicine
..Digital.. .. medical students. It explains basic principles and indications including demonstration of the..

Procedures of Assisted Reproduction
..Digital.. .. affect approximately every seventh couple and their number has been rapidly increasing. In.. ..keywords: IVF, assisted reproduction, embryology, and..

Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric Patient
..Digital.. .. are covered: family history, previous and current medical illnessess, alcohol and other.. .. user – – allergies, alcohol and othersubstances history | 9.3.2011 26.59 MB..

Anatomical Dissection of the Head
..Digital.. .. head is aimed at students of general medicine and dentistry in order to provide them with.. .. conditions suitable for production of the film, and RNDr. Michaela Račanská Ph.D. and Mgr. Kateřina K..

Hypertext atlas of Pathology
.. pre-graduate students. It is under construction and in full version so far available in Czech.. .. The English version contains only chapters with images to enable image sharing (see bellow). The.. .. and microscopic pictures play the key role in the.. .. and education. Collections of annotated digital histological images are being prepared and an.. .. Collections of annotated digital histological images are being prepared and an interface offering..

Anatomical Dissection - Introduction to dissection course
..Digital.. .. instructor, students will be able to dissect and identify important structures of the specific.. .. realization of topographical relations of organs and structures that students have learnt in the..

Posterior wall myocardial infarction
.. in image.. .. is positive (ST - segment elevation equivalent), and confirmation by concomitant ST-segment elevation.. .. 63-years-old woman. FH: Father and brother have overcome myocardial infarction. PH:..

DIOS - Dose Intensity as Oncology Standard
.. possibility of direct use for clinical practice and/or educational purposes. The electronic.. .. the most important of them being the survey and digitization of current chemotherapy regimens... ..keywords: chemotherapy regimens, digital library,..

Mitral valve replacement and MAZE procedure because of mitral valve stenosis and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
.. in image.. .. The patient underwent mitral valve replacement and MAZE procedure. At the postoperative period,.. .. father has overcome myocardial infarction (3x) and died after stroke, sister had stroke, two.. .. ventricle, kinetics is adequate, on mitral valve image serious to severe stenosis and severe..

Ascending aorta replacement and repair of aortic valve because of ascending aorta aneurysm and bicuspid aortic valve with regurgitation
.. in image.. .. of a patient with an ascending aortic aneurysm and a bicuspidal aortic valve. Valvular surgery with.. .. combined diseases of aortic valve (AVA 1.7 cm2) and ascending aorta aneurysm (CT and TEE 5,3-5,4..

Constrictive pericarditis, reoperation
.. in image.. .. pericarditis at a younger age. Current CT and ultrasonographic findings confirmed the.. .. disorder. ECHO also showed dilatation of LA and no valve disorder. Computer tomography also..

Combined orthodontic-surgical treatment of impacted teeth
.. in image.. .. his physiological eruption, is covered by bone and requires treatment. After precisely locating the.. .. deciduous teeth 53, 63. Medical history: Fit and well, overcome routine child diseases, without..

Aortic valve replacement because of aortic valve stenosis, repair of tricuspid valve because of regurgitation
.. in image.. .. of women with aortic valve stenosis and secondary regurgitation of the tricuspid valve... .. Arterial hypertension Diabetes mellitus Therapy and conclusion: Treatment strategy: Surgery..

Mitral valve reconstruction because of Barlow's disease with mitral insufficiency, perioperative SAM (systolic anterior motion)
.. in image.. .. systolic dysfunction (LVEF 45%) Therapy and conclusion: Treatment strategy: Surgery..

A two stage non extraction treatment of distoocclusion with proclination of upper incisors (AII/1)
.. in image.. .. is very efficient in correctly indicated cases and the timing of the treatment is essential. During.. .. because of proclination of upper incisors and big overjet. Family history: Brother undergone..

Aortocoronary bypass
.. in image.. .. the formation of one bypass with arterial graft and one bypass with venous graft. In the.. .. a palpitation with spontaneous withdrawal and pressure chest pain during exercise. Due to the..

Treatment of overjet by retraction of frontal teeth to temporary anchorage devices (TADs)
.. in image.. .. incisors with prominent maxilla or on the other hand by microgenia or mandibular retrognathism. The.. .. orthodontic treatment for enhancing her facial and smile esthetics. Chief complaint: „Big..

Autoimmune hepatitis
.. in image.. .. associated with hypergammaglobulinaemia and the presence of circulating autoantibodies. In.. .. of the condition (jaundice, pruritus and significant progression of hepatic enzymes)...

Aortic dissection
.. in image.. .. in the intima of the aorta. Disease of the aorta and hypertension are the most important aetiological.. .. at a neurological outpatient clinic for thoracic and lumbal spine pain. For arterial hypertension (BP..

Home mechanical ventilation in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
.. in image.. .. dystrophin gene results into a loss of integrity and function of muscular fibres and their.. .. to assess development of respiratory failure and need to initiate noninvasive ventilation...

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