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Appendicitis acuta and Meckel diverticulum

Appendicitis acuta  and Meckel diverticulum

Appendicitis is one of the most common reasons for surgery and emergency hospitalization due to acute abdominal pain. Accurate diagnosis of acute appendicitis and subsequent indication for surgery can prevent complications. Conversely, the surgeon´s decision to operate with the aim of avoiding the complications of a late surgical intervention in positive appendicitis cases leads to negative appendectomy in 10,5% of the cases.

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author: Martina Vidová Uğurbaş, Lucia Sukovská Lakyová | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | discipline: Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics | category: Casuistics in image | keywords: K35 Acute appendicitis, Q43.0 Meckel's diverticulum, appendicitis, diagnostic, surgical treatment | attachment: 5 | viewed: 1441x | published on: 13.11.2017 | last modified on: 16.4.2018

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