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Presentations and background materials for seminar child and adolescent health

Overview of Guiding principles: addressing poverty and inequities, life course approach, public health approach.

author: Eva Kudlová | 1.LF UK | discipline: Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Hygiene | category: E-learning objects archive, E-learning courses | keywords: child health, adolescent health, IMCI strategy, global priorities | attachment: 1 | viewed: 3954x | published on: 20.11.2006 | last modified on: 27.6.2008

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Selected chapters from paediatric surgery
.. of the gastrointestinal tract; moreover, the battered child syndrome is mentioned as.. .. gastrointestinal tract; moreover, the battered child syndrome is mentioned as.. .. tract; moreover, the battered child syndrome is mentioned as.. .. disease, anorectal malformation (anal atresia). Battered child syndrome Guidelines to be followed then.. .. images of various types of injuries in children: radial head dislocation, paraphimosis,.. .. plates, complications of fractures, compartment syndrome, soft tissue injury. Visceral traumatology.. ..keywords: oncology, congenital malformations of GIT, battered child.. ..keywords: congenital malformations of GIT, battered child.. ..keywords: congenital malformations of GIT, battered child syndrome..

Lifestyle - nutrition of hygiene and epidemiology
.. recommendations for young infants and young children. Infant and young child feeding: Importance.. ..keywords: breastfeeding, infant feeding, young child..

Procedures of Assisted Reproduction
.. first child after in vitro fertilisation in the Czech.. .. increasing. In some countries the number of children born after in vitro fertilisation already..

General and specialized psychiatry
.. 27.1.2006 177 KB registered user – Child psychiatry 27.1.2006 116 KB registered user.. .. KB registered user – Delirium, amnestic syndrome 27.1.2006 89.5 KB registered user – ..

Turnerův syndrom – pacientské informace
.. materiálů pro pacientky s Turnerovým syndromem nabízí původní podrobný přehled o povaze onemo.. .. Section on Endocrinology. Health supervision for children with Turner syndrome. Pediatrics... .. J. Text pro dívky a ženy s Turnerovým syndromem a jejich blízké. Výsledek spolupráce mezi 2. LF ..

.. Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia; Paraphilias; Child Psychiatry; Biochemistry; Psychopharmacology;..

SIRS, Sepse a multiorgánová dysfunkce
.. MODS neboli takzvané (Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome) podle aktuálních poznatků. V přednášce si vysvě..

Leukoencefalopatie indukovaná cytostatickou léčbou
.. Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome (RPLS) Posterior reversible encephalopathy..

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics
.. 15.2.2013 anyone – Basic life support in children 15.2.2013 anyone – Basic life support.. .. 15.2.2013 anyone – Acute coronary syndrome 15.2.2013 anyone – Water rescue II.. ..keywords: reaction, local anaesthetics, acute coronary syndrome, water rescue, hypothermia, car accident, head..

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