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Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

The English text has been created for one-semester course of medical chemistry. It is assigned for the students of English program of General medicine and Dentistry studies. The textbook summarizes essential facts from chemistry and biochemistry. The selection of topics emphasizes the biochemical processes and the metabolic conversions of compounds occurring in the human body. The knowledge of presented facts is necessary for understanding metabolic processes on cellular and organ level in the following studies of biochemistry

author: Jiří Dostál, Hana Paulová, Eva Táborská, Josef Tomandl | LF MU | discipline: Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry | category: Educational works, Educational websites | keywords: medical chemistry, biochemistry, biomolecules | attachment: 1 | viewed: 3696x | published on: 26.5.2014 | last modified on: 24.7.2014

Practical exercises from Medical Biochemistry for students of Dental Medicine

Practical exercises from Medical Biochemistry for students of Dental Medicine

The laboratory manuals are developed to the foreign students of medicine for practical laboratory exercise and verification of knowledge from medical biochemistry. Exercises are gathered into bigger groups by topics. Student can apply their manual skill in performing of the experiments, and also train their ability in evaluation of results and making of diagnoses.

First published: Tomečková V., Kron I., Mareková M.: Practical exercises from biochemistry, Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach, Košice 2011, ISBN 978-80-7097-874-0.

author: Peter Urban, Vladimíra Tomečková, Jana Mašlanková, Marek Stupák, Mária Mareková | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | discipline: Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry | category: Educational works | keywords: biochemistry, practical exercises | attachment: 26 | viewed: 14722x | published on: 15.2.2011 | last modified on: 9.2.2018

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Blood taking
.. supplementation of the instruction in Clinical Biochemistry in biomedical disciplines and deals with the.. .. anyone – Departments: Department of Biochemistry..

Automatic urinalysis
.. made in collaboration with the Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology of the Faculty Hospital in Brno,.. ..keywords: Clinical biochemistry, iQ200, Automated unit, Urine..

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry
.. basis of mental disorders. Familiarity with biochemistry and physiology is..

Random access analyser (HITACHI 917)
..keywords: Clinical biochemistry, Analyser, HITACHI..

.. Schizophrenia; Paraphilias; Child Psychiatry; Biochemistry; Psychopharmacology; Organic Mental Disorders;..

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