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Materials for Biophysics

Materials for Biophysics

Text materials for Biophysics on the following topics:

Detection of ionizing radiation Ecology Efects of electric current on human body The Merck manual Hearing Gamma Knife Peaceful atom Radioactivity and nuclear medicine Radiation Sound and ear Ultrasound Ultraviolet radiation
author: Marek Průcha | 3.LF UK | discipline: Biophysics | category: Presentations | keywords: biophysics, hearing, electric, radiation, gamma knife | attachment: 15 | viewed: 3937x | published on: 8.11.2010 | last modified on: 23.11.2011

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Biophysical seminars for medical students
.. 190.5 KB registered user – Courses Biophysics and Informatics [CBPIXX21] Biophysics and.. ..keywords: radiation, biophysics, radioactivity, radiation, spectroscopy, imaging..

Structure of Matter From Biophysical Point of View
.. Pracoviská: Institute of Medical Physics, Biophysics, Informatics and Telemedicine Súvisiace články: ..

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