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Anatomical Dissection of the head

Anatomical Dissection  of the Head

The educational videofilm Anatomical dissection of the head is aimed at students of general medicine and dentistry in order to provide them with information necessary for preparation to the dissection of the head within the scope of anatomical studies. The film deals with the dissection of individual regions of the head in the way that is used in the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk Unniversity, Brno.

author: Ivana Svíženská, Marie Kalabusová, Jana Maňáková, Ondřej Růžička, Tomáš Ninger, Tomáš Hlaváček, Václav Žižlavský, Bhavin Rajendra Doshi | LF MU | discipline: Anatomy | category: Multimedia, Digital video | keywords: dissection of cranial regions, parotideomasseteric region, temporal region, occipitofrontal region, orbital region, nasal region, oral region, oral cavity, nasal cavity, infratemporal fossa, cranial cavity, larynx, pharynx, orbit. | attachment: 4 | viewed: 4486x | published on: 6.4.2012 | last modified on: 9.1.2014

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