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introduction to Biological Psychiatry

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry

Biological psychiatry occupies itself by mental disorders from biological, chemical and physical point of view. It is postulated that changes in brain signal transmission are essential in development of mental disorders. The purpose of this teaching material is to describe cellular and molecular properties of neurons, mechanisms of psychotropic drugs action and biological basis of mental disorders. Familiarity with biochemistry and physiology is supposed.


Anatomical Dissection - introduction to dissection course

Anatomical Dissection  -  Introduction to dissection course

The educational videofilm Anatomical dissection - Introduction to dissection course is aimed at students of the medical faculty within the scope of anatomical studies in order to provide them with information necessary for correct procedure during anatomical dissection. Under supervision of an experienced instructor, students will be able to dissect and identify important structures of the specific body region after having watched the film and studied respective chapters of the textbooks. The film will contribute to achievement of the knowledge and practical skill needed for success at final anatomy examination.

author: Ivana Svíženská, Eva Ondroušková, Monika Žižlavská | LF MU | discipline: Anatomy | category: Multimedia, Digital video | keywords: anatomical dissection, scalpel, forceps, skin incisions, dissection of the subcutis, dissection of muscles, vessels, nerves | attachment: 1 | viewed: 4948x | published on: 6.4.2012 | last modified on: 14.5.2012

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Selected chapters from paediatric surgery
.. surgery: minor surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute.. .. set of educational materials is dedicated to selected topics in the area of paediatric.. .. minor surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute abdomen, thoracic.. .. Plánka~author-179948-ladislav-planka#Jana Bartošková, Štěpánka Bibrová, Robert Doušek, Matej Husá.. .. foreign body ingestion. Neonatal surgery A short introduction to the classification of congenital disorders is.. .. inflammation, seroma, dog bite, head injuries in toddlers, paediatric foreign body ingestion... .. brachial plexus paresis). Introduction to traumatology Specialty definition, epidemiology and.. ..keywords: surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute.. ..keywords: surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute.. ..keywords: surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute abdomen, thoracic..

Using MIPO technique, LCP 4,5/5,0, to treat intraarticular proximal tibia fracture
.. user – Departments: Department of Traumato.. .. user – Departments: Department of Traumatology.. ..keywords: tology, surgical intervention,.. ..keywords: traumatology, surgical intervention,..

.. educational contribution contains folloving topics: Arthroscopy, Surgical and orthotic.. .. Treatment of spinal deformities and Spine traumatology.. .. including complications.  In Spine traumatology there are described diagnostics and.. .. including complications.  In Spine traumatology there are described diagnostics and..

Practicals in Pharmacology
.. text provides an introduction to general principles and rules for .. .. text provides an introduction to general principles and rules for prescription.. .. Nováková, Jana Pistovčáková, Jana Vinklerová, Alexandra Šulcová, Olga .. ..keywords: prescription, phytopharmacology, experimental..

.. [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence Introduction | 22.2.2010 130.94 KB MEFANET user – ECG..

Experimentally induced atherosclerosis in laboratory animal
.. of biological material. It aims to serve as an introduction to the student´s practical work.. ..torial film “Experimentally induced.. .. Experimentally induced atherosclerosis in laboratory animal 7.4.2016 anyone – Departments:..

Radiological Imaging Methods
.. ppt teaching file is an introduction to the study of radiology for students of.. .. ppt teaching file is an introduction to the study of radiology for students of medical..

Heart and respiratory system - study quide
.. and anatomy exam. The first chapter provides introduction to the cardiovascular system, the heart and.. .. as a basic educational material for the anatomy practicals and anatomy exam. The first chapter.. .. Klinicky citlivé [?] Licencia Heart and respiratory system 13.12.2019 7.54 MB anyone –.. ..keywords: respiratory..

Immunology for student of general medicine
.. aspects of transplantation and immune response to tumours. Also immune reaction to microbes and.. .. [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence I - Introduction 10.10.2013 1.66 MB MEFANET user – II -.. .. MB MEFANET user – IX - Immune response to infections 9.10.2013 517.79 KB MEFANET user..

Hypertext atlas of Rare Lymphomas
.. Atlas of Rare Lymphomas contains clinical and histological images of some rare hematologic/lymphatic.. .. on each case. The main chapters of content: Introduction Generalized histiocytic lesion of JXG type in.. .. Atlas of histology of rare lymphomas contains short clinical..

The Health of the Roma People in Central and Eastern Europe
..toslava.. .. Slovak summary. Monograph is beginning with the introduction, following by history and status of the Roma in.. .. Public health - Migrant and Ethnic Health Observatory (MEHO). In these projects the author has a..

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics
.. more efficiently, promptly and economically to critical situations which are so abundant in.. .. Štourač~author-145393-petr-stourac#team of students .. .. examination in surgery [VLCP052] Clinical Introduction to Surgery - practice [ZLCP051c] Clinical.. .. objects which make it possible for students to comprehend the issue more thoroughly and to.. ..keywords: puncture headache, analgesia, allergic reaction, toxic reaction, local anaesthetics, acute coronary..

Basics of Nursing Presentations
.. scrutiny regarding patient safety and the drive toward the control of health care costs health care.. .. Jana Nemcová, Anna Ovšonková Michaela Miertová, Mária Tabaková, Martina To.. ..keywords: nursing procedures, theoretical introduction, patient preparation, equipment, process,..

Stres a adaptácia
.. a vznik chorôb. Stres predstavuje všeobecne prítomný fenomén. Takmer každý jedinec sa denne str.. .. Mravec~auto.. .. zdroje, medzi iným aj klasické diela, ako sú An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine, The.. .. a všeobecná definícia stále neexistuje. A to aj napriek tomu, že od čias Bernarda, ktorý po..

Epidemiology of malignant tumours in the Czech Republic
.. Republic was released with the primary objective to provide representative data on this topic... .. of Malignant Tumours and their subsequent introduction into the CNCR. Namely, changes in TNM .. .. main objective of the SVOD project is to develop information systems supporting..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. specific for each antigen. An antigen binds to the membrane receptors on specific B cells and.. .. capable of making rapid responses to subsequent introduction of antigen. They survive in the bone marrow for.. .. immunity. They develop in the bone marrow prior to antigenic stimulation. During their maturation..

Topographical anatomy of limbs
.. version of our E-learning courses is aimed to foreign students of medicine. It turns their.. ..Introduction The article refers to E-learning courses.. .. The article refers to E-learning courses Topographic anatomy of lower.. ..keywords: A01.378.800, A01.378.610, topographical anatomy, regional anatomy, upper..

Hypertextový atlas patologie
.. vychází ze staršího Hypertextového atlasu dermatopatologie, který je postupně bu.. .. Feit~autor-23164-josef-feit#Věra Feitová, Karel Dvořák, Eva.. .. kapitol se skládá z jednotlivých oddílů: úvod (INTRODUCTION), klasifikace (CLASSIFICATION), klinické údaje (.. .. vytvářet text atlasu o jednotné struktuře, a to i při zapojení více spoluautorů. Jednotlivé kapi.. ..keywords: pato..

.. donation and harvest. The course covers the topic Donation and harvest of cells and tissues and.. .. different doctoral study programmes.   1. Introduction The elective subject “Basis of Harvest.. .. cell and tissue donation and harvest. Its aim is to enable the students to learn individually the..

..to.. .. EBP v ošetřovatelství se zabývá problematikou metodiky a aplikace praxe založené na důkazech v oš.. .. Jarošová~auto.. .. je předkládána ve standardním formátu IMRAD: Introduction (Úvod - proč se autoři rozhodli provést tento kon.. .. od zveřejnění výsledků výzkumu a aplikace těchto výsledků do praxe. Mezi nejvýznamnější bariéry im..

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