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Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology
.. germ layers form, and how the brain, heart, muscle, and internal organs develop. Moreover, if the.. ..keywords: brain formation, somitogenesis, heart formation, muscle formation, endodermal.. ..keywords: mesoderm, endoderm, organogensis, brain formation, somitogenesis, heart formation, muscle..

Mechanické vlastnosti kosterního svalu
.. Přístupnost [?] Klinicky citlivé [?] Licence muscle simulator | 6.2.2013 přístup řízen na externím úl..

Home mechanical ventilation in a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
.. replacement by adipose and connective tissue. Muscle degeneration leads to motoric impairment and.. .. night time hypoventilation due to respiratory muscle weakness and decrease of respiratory drive in..

Anatomical Dissection - Introduction to dissection course
.. studies in order to provide them with information necessary for correct procedure during.. .. superficial nerves and vessels preserved, muscles and their fasciae need to be detected. The .. .. beginning of the film the students are given information on the instruments used for the dissection most.. ..keywords: dissection of the subcutis, dissection of muscles, vessels,..

Aortic dissection
.. isthmus below the branch of a. subclavia l. sin. formation of intimal flap, the dissection ends 15 mm above..

Management of breast cancer
.. Tissue can be taken from the latissimus dorsi muscle from the back, transverse rectus abdominis..

Aortocoronary bypass
.. The patient underwent a cardiac surgery with the formation of one bypass with arterial graft and one bypass..

Acute abdomen - gallstone ileus
.. cause pressure necrosis, resulting in formation of a cholecyst–enteric fistula, which..

Management of pilonidal sinus
.. incidence of postoperative seroma or haemotoma formation. This is reason, why we use closed suction..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. to B cells is generally in its intact, native conformation without being processed by antigen-presenting..

Imunopatogenéza a imunoterapia ulceróznej kolitídy
.. whereas MICA*A5.1 is associated with abscesses formation and the age on onset. Clin Exp Immunol. 2016, in..

Podtlakové uzatváranie rán – nové poznatky a možnosti aplikácie
.. grafts using vacuum assisted closure without muscle flap coverage. J Vasc Surg, 2005, 42, s. 989-992..

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