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Posterior wall myocardial infarction

Posterior wall myocardial infarction

Isolated posterior myocardial infarction is occurring in 3-11% of all infarctions. ST - segment depression in leads V1-V3 suggests myocardial ischaemia, especially when the terminal T - wave is positive (ST - segment elevation equivalent), and confirmation by concomitant ST-segment elevation ≥ 0,5mm recorded in leads V7-V9 should be considered as a mean to identify posterior myocardial infarction. Emergent coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention of the infarct - related artery is indicated.

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author: Marianna Vachalcová | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | discipline: Cardiology, Angiology, Internal Medicine | category: Casuistics in image | keywords: I21.2 Acute transmural myocardial infarction of other sites, myocardial infarction | attachment: 11 | viewed: 711x | published on: 8.12.2017 | last modified on: 30.4.2018

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Mitral valve replacement and MAZE procedure because of mitral valve stenosis and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
.. 76-years-old after stroke, father has overcome myocardial infarction (3x) and died after stroke, sister.. .. after stroke, father has overcome myocardial infarction (3x) and died after stroke, sister had stroke,..

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