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.. Psychopharmacology; Organic Mental Disorders; Neurotic Disorders; Personality Disorders; Substance.. .. Prague: History; General Psychopathology; Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia; Paraphilias; Child Psychiatry;.. ..keywords: paraphilias, neurochemistry, psychopharmacology, neurotic disorders, personality disorders, substance.. ..keywords: psychopathology, mood disorders, schizophrenia, paraphilias, neurochemistry,..

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry
.. psychiatry occupies itself by mental disorders from biological, chemical and physical point of..

General and specialized psychiatry
.. | 27.1.2006 104 KB registered user – Mood disorders (affective disorders) | 27.1.2006 124 KB..

Pediatric otorhinolaryngology
.. voice Functional and psychogennic voice disorders Speech disorders caused by mucosa and..

Vybrané kapitoly z neurologie
.. i se speciálním zaměřením na „movement disorders“, tj. na onemocnění extrapyramidového sy.. ..keywords: disorders, vyšetření mozku, EE..

Selected chapters from paediatric surgery
.. introduction to the classification of congenital disorders is followed by texts and images illustrating.. ..keywords: acute abdomen, thoracic surgery, congenital disorders, plastic surgery, burns, surgical oncology,..

Hypertext atlas of Bone Marrow Pathology
.. Changes Pathology of the Bone Other Disorders Links: Link Date Availability [?]..

Procedures of Assisted Reproduction
.. present, fertility disorders affect approximately every seventh couple and..

Practicals in Pharmacology
.. of the CNS, respiratory and digestive systems disorders. There is also an introduction to..

.. | 2.8.2016 5.63 MB anyone – Congenital disorders | 2.8.2016 9.2 MB anyone – Epiphyseal..

Autoimmune hepatitis
.. systolic dysfunction, without regional kinetic disorders, without pulmonary hypertension, diastolic..

Aortocoronary bypass
.. size, no hypertrophy, no segmental kinetic disorders, LVEF: 60-65%, diastolic dysfunction - grade I,..

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
.. OHS often suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders. Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea may..

The Use of the Er:YAG Laser 2940 nm in complex caries removal
.. for the intervention present mental disorders and disability to cooperate during the..

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