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Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric patient

Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric Patient

DVD Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric Patient represents a practical tool for Psychiatric Propedeutics course. The patient suffering from bipolar disorder has recently recovered from acute mania. All parts of the complex clinical psychiatric examination are covered: family history, previous and current medical illnessess, alcohol and other substance history, personal history, previous psychiatric illnesses and history of present illness. The record is divided into chapters and equipped with the subtitles. This record is not for commercial purposes and changes of the content are not allowed.

author: Lucie Bankovská - Motlová, Martin Řepa | 3.LF UK | discipline: Psychiatry, Psychology, Sexology | category: Digital video | keywords: Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric Patient, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Psychiatric Propedeutics | attachment: 12 | viewed: 4304x | published on: 30.1.2011 | last modified on: 23.11.2011

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