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B lymphocytes and plasma cells

B lymphocytes and plasma cells

B lymphocytes are principal cells that mediate humoral adaptive immunity. After their maturation in the bone marrow, B cells enter peripheral lymphoid tissues, which are the sites of interaction with foreign antigens. Production of antibodies is initiated by the interaction of antigens with a small number of mature B cells specific for each antigen. An antigen binds to the membrane receptors on specific B cells and initiates a series of responses that lead to two principal changes: cell proliferation resulting in expansion of the clone, and differentiation to either plasma cells actively secreting antibodies or to memory cells.

Key words: B cells, subsets of B cells, memory B cells, plasma cells

author: Milan Buc | LF UK v Bratislave | discipline: Immunology, Allergology | category: Lectures, Presentations | keywords: B cells, B cell subsets, memory B cells, plasma cells | attachment: 1 | viewed: 6884x | published on: 6.3.2017

Determination of plasma Volume

Determination of Plasma Volume

Teaching video demonstrates determination of plasma volume by means of Evans blue dye and the effect of intravenous injection of hypertonic glucose solution on plasma volume in rat.                                                         

author: Jitka Švíglerová, Jitka Kuncová, Tomáš Ťupa, Jaromír Holas, Ivana Hajdúková | LF UK Plzeň | discipline: Physiology and Pathophysiology | keywords: plasma volume, hypertonic glucose | attachment: 1 | viewed: 3157x | published on: 7.4.2011 | last modified on: 14.11.2012



The design of the e-learning course: Donation and Harvest of cells and tissues“ is presented. This course represents more advanced updated and enlarged English version of the original e-learning course focused exclusively on the issues of cell and tissue donation and harvest.
The course covers the topic Donation and harvest of cells and tissues and is divided into 2 parts. A test consisting of 5 questions follows each part. If the student answers correctly at least 3 questions he/she is allowed to pass to the next part and/or final test consisting of 15 questions. It is necessary to answer correctly at least 10 questions to complete the course.
The third topic is represented by a database for uploading seminar theses.
The previous experience showed that the e-learning course could serve as a useful support of the elective subject „Basis of Harvest and Preservation of Tissues“. This enlarged and updated English version aimed exclusively at the topic Donation and harvest of cells and tissues is planed to be used by a broader spectrum of users including the surgeons in post-graduate training and post-graduate students of different doctoral study programmes.

author: Pavel Měřička, Pavel Navrátil, Daniel Brandejs, Lubomír Štěrba, Hana Straková, Barbora Honegrová | LF UK Hr. Králové | discipline: Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopaedics | category: Pear reviewed publications, Elearning courses | keywords: E-learning, programmed instructions, cell and tissue donation, cell and tissue harvest, cell and tissue transplantation, tissue bank, tissue establishment, procurement establishment | attachment: 2 | viewed: 10612x | published on: 20.4.2016 | last modified on: 5.8.2016

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Neural development and embryonic stem cell-based developmental modelling
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Blood taking
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Knee joint aspiration
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Prezentácia antigénov
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NK- a NKT-bunky - ich charakteristika, biologický a medicínsky význam
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T-lymfocyty a ich subpopulácie
.. dve subpopulácie –Tcm (T central memory cells) a Tem (T effector memory cells). Gama/delta.. .. dve subpopulácie –Tcm (T central memory cells) a Tem (T effector memory cells). Tcm-lymfocyty..

TELEHEMATOLOGIE: společné řešení pro edukační obrazový archiv a vzdálené konzultace
.. Sydney Tokyo, 2003. [4] Bain B.: Blood Cells. A Practical Guide. Second Edition, Blackwell..

Imunopatogenéza a imunoterapia ulceróznej kolitídy
.. Spits H, Artis D, Colonna M. Innate lymphoid cells — a proposal for uniform nomenclature. Nat..

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