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Protein preparation

Protein preparation

This course contains five sub-courses, which consist of theoretical and practical parts. The individual sub-courses should provide students simple and quick approaches needed for solving basic scientific problems that could rise during the course of their bachelor, diploma or PhD study. The first set will allow students to gain knowledge about protein cloning, expression and purification. The second part focuses on biochemical characterization of enzymes via their enzymatic activity as well as protein-protein interactions. The third set will provide simple biochemical methods to detect protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions as well as monitor motor activity of protein.

author: Lumír Krejčí | LF MU | discipline: Biophysics, Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry | category: Educational works | keywords: Protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction methods, EMSA, pull-down, yeast 2 hybrid, Helicase assay, sumoylation | attachment: 5 | viewed: 3191x | published on: 18.6.2012 | last modified on: 20.8.2013

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