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diagnostic methods of nuclear medicine
.. including demonstration of the evaluating process to be able to completely inform..

Molecular biology
.. "gene cloning" all refer to the same process: a transfer of a DNA fragment of interest from..

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics
.. and procedural management of the therapeutic process has become very popular as quality management.. .. an essential characteristic of each physician. Process flowcharts and algorithmic flowchart form an..

Basics of Nursing Presentations
..keywords: introduction, patient preparation, equipment, process,..

Hypertext atlas of Pathology
.. images leads to no information loss through this process. The interface could mimic the fine focusing of..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. antigenic stimulation. During their maturation process, they are made to express membrane-bound..

.. Pneumonia infection is the result of a complex process where the lower respiratory tract suffers the..

.. schools. The effectiveness of the learning process is being assessed on results of the final..

Blood taking
.. description of procedures used in the taking and processing of blood. It gives a concise documentation on..

Digitální atlas normálních nálezů v DICOM formátu
.. K.: "Opportunity of Current ICT in the Processing of Medical Image Information," in..

ABC of Informatics
.. to be sufficient to use Informatics elements in processing of given tasks and/or scientific works in an..

Experimentally induced atherosclerosis in laboratory animal
.. tools and equipment as well as subsequent processing of biological material. It aims to serve as..

Automatic urinalysis
.. in Brno, the Dept. of Biochemistry, and the Data Processing Centre of the MU Fac. of Medicine in Brno. It..

Analysis of genomic and proteomic data
.. all the important analytical steps from pre-processing through differential gene(protein)-expression..

Topographical anatomy of limbs
.. opened to all remarks or aimed to the content or processing of the course. We use this component for both..

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
.. selection of topics emphasizes the biochemical processes and the metabolic conversions of compounds..

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology
.. and internal organs develop. Moreover, if the processes go awry, what the baby will be affected. This..

Pathological physiology. Selected chapters.
.. and mechanisms of disease and pathological processes in synergy with their future clinical..

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