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Materials for Biophysics
.. the following topics: Detection of ionizing radiation Ecology Efects of electric current on human.. .. sensitive [?] Licence Detection of ionizing radiation | 8.11.2010 57 KB registered user –.. ..keywords: hearing, electric, radiation, gamma..

Biophysical seminars for medical students
.. mechanical waves and sound, electromagnetic radiation, radiation and radioactivity, electric injury,.. .. 6.28 MB registered user – electromagnetic radiation | 29.1.2014 7.73 MB registered user – .. ..keywords: radiation, biophysics, radioactivity, radiation,..

Computed tomography - CT
..keywords: HRCT, Angio-CT, 3D CT, 4D CT, perfusion CT, radiation burden in CT..

diagnostic methods of nuclear medicine
.. 10.52 MB registered user – – radiation protection | 16.11.2010 7.71 MB registered user..

Management of breast cancer
.. team, which includes: at least one surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, radiologist and..

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma
.. combination of chemotherapy or chemotherapy and radiation therapy is often recommended. Our patient was..

Acute abdomen - gallstone ileus
.. It is noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation). Examination didn´t show fistula as we..

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