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Materials for Biophysics
.. the following topics: Detection of ionizing radiation Ecology Efects of electric current on human.. .. sensitive [?] Licence Detection of ionizing radiation | 8.11.2010 57 KB registered user –.. ..keywords: hearing, electric, radiation, gamma..

Biophysical seminars for medical students
.. mechanical waves and sound, electromagnetic radiation, radiation and radioactivity, electric injury,.. .. 6.28 MB registered user – electromagnetic radiation | 29.1.2014 7.73 MB registered user – .. ..keywords: radiation, biophysics, radioactivity, radiation,..

Computed tomography - CT
..keywords: HRCT, Angio-CT, 3D CT, 4D CT, perfusion CT, radiation burden in CT..

diagnostic methods of nuclear medicine
.. 10.52 MB registered user – – radiation protection | 16.11.2010 7.71 MB registered user..

Management of breast cancer
.. team, which includes: at least one surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, radiologist and..

Acute abdomen - gallstone ileus
.. It is noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation). Examination didn´t show fistula as we..

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