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Biophysical seminars for medical students
.. topics are: biosignals, mechanical waves and sound, electromagnetic radiation, radiation and.. .. MB registered user – mechanical waves and sound | 29.1.2014 6.28 MB registered user – .. ..keywords: methods, electric injury, mechanical waves, sound, light,..

Materials for Biophysics
.. Radioactivity and nuclear medicine Radiation Sound and ear Ultrasound Ultraviolet.. .. 55.5 KB registered user – – Sound and ear | 8.11.2010 97 KB registered user..

Pediatric otorhinolaryngology
.. of articulation Disorders of voice sound Disorders of speech fluency ..

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics
.. files with multimedia contents (picture, sound, video). Additionally, a separate clip is read..

Cardiac Cycle
.. the arterial pulse, electrocardiogram, heart sounds, venous pulse, pressure and volume changes in..

Management of breast cancer
.. Imaging methods: A diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound image showed a spiculated density corresponding..

Acute abdomen - gallstone ileus
.. tenderness without defense musculaire. Bowel sounds were weak. She reported a past history of..

Treatment of overjet by retraction of frontal teeth to temporary anchorage devices (TADs)
.. deviation on closure, without pain, pathological sounds and path of closure. Intra-oral examination:..

Combined orthodontic-surgical treatment of impacted teeth
.. deviation on closure, without pain, pathological sounds and path of closure. Intra-oral examination:..

A two stage non extraction treatment of distoocclusion with proclination of upper incisors (AII/1)
.. on closure, without pain and pathological sounds and path of closure. Intra-oral examination:..

Cardiac tamponade due to cardiac metastases
.. were not distended, tracheostomy present, lung sounds were clear bilaterally, heart sounds were not..

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