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introduction to Biological Psychiatry

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry

Biological psychiatry occupies itself by mental disorders from biological, chemical and physical point of view. It is postulated that changes in brain signal transmission are essential in development of mental disorders. The purpose of this teaching material is to describe cellular and molecular properties of neurons, mechanisms of psychotropic drugs action and biological basis of mental disorders. Familiarity with biochemistry and physiology is supposed.


Anatomical Dissection - introduction to dissection course

Anatomical Dissection  -  Introduction to dissection course

The educational videofilm Anatomical dissection - Introduction to dissection course is aimed at students of the medical faculty within the scope of anatomical studies in order to provide them with information necessary for correct procedure during anatomical dissection. Under supervision of an experienced instructor, students will be able to dissect and identify important structures of the specific body region after having watched the film and studied respective chapters of the textbooks. The film will contribute to achievement of the knowledge and practical skill needed for success at final anatomy examination.

author: Ivana Svíženská, Eva Ondroušková, Monika Žižlavská | LF MU | discipline: Anatomy | category: Multimedia, Digital video | keywords: anatomical dissection, scalpel, forceps, skin incisions, dissection of the subcutis, dissection of muscles, vessels, nerves | attachment: 1 | viewed: 4389x | published on: 6.4.2012 | last modified on: 14.5.2012

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