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Anatomical Dissection - Introduction to dissection course
.. damaging to the superficially located nerves and vessels. After removal of the skin important structures.. ..keywords: of the subcutis, dissection of muscles, vessels,..

B lymphocytes and plasma cells
.. and mucosal lymphoid tissues) through blood vessels and migrate into the primary follicles. The..

Posterior wall myocardial infarction
.. dif. AS changes up to 50%. Conclusion: 2 vessels disease Intervention: PPCI + POBA + 2x DES..

Appendicitis acuta and Meckel diverticulum
.. over a non-compressible structure over the iliac vessels, suggestive but not conclusive of acute..

Total atelectasis of the right lung due to bronchogenic carcinoma
.. intraluminal with invasion to the right hilar vessels, enlargement of ipsilateral and contralateral..

Topographical anatomy of limbs
.. on screen while the other structures (muscles, vessels, etc.) have to be answered. Their correct name..

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