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Biophysical seminars for medical students

Biophysical seminars for medical students

Set of biophysical seminars dedicated to English curriculum 1C modul students of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The following topics are: biosignals, mechanical waves and sound, electromagnetic radiation, radiation and radioactivity, electric injury, imaging methods, SPECT and gamma camera, stereotactic surgery and gamma knife, spectroscopy.

autor: Eugen Kvašňák | 3.LF UK | disciplína: Biofyzika, Radiologie a zobrazovací metody | kategorie: Elearning courses | klíčová slova: ionizing radiation, biophysics, radioactivity, radiation, spectroscopy, imaging methods, electric injury, mechanical waves, sound, light, biosignals | příloh: 9 | zobrazeno: 2183x | publikováno: 28.1.2014 | poslední úpravy: 4.2.2014

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

The English text has been created for one-semester course of medical chemistry. It is assigned for the students of English program of General medicine and Dentistry studies. The textbook summarizes essential facts from chemistry and biochemistry. The selection of topics emphasizes the biochemical processes and the metabolic conversions of compounds occurring in the human body. The knowledge of presented facts is necessary for understanding metabolic processes on cellular and organ level in the following studies of biochemistry

autor: Jiří Dostál, Hana Paulová, Eva Táborská, Josef Tomandl | LF MU | disciplína: Lékařská chemie a biochemie | kategorie: Educational works, Educational websites | klíčová slova: medical chemistry, biochemistry, biomolecules | příloh: 1 | zobrazeno: 4444x | publikováno: 26.5.2014 | poslední úpravy: 4.12.2018

Pediatric oncology for medical students – e-learning programme

Pediatric oncology for medical students – e-learning programme

The electronic textbook "Pediatric oncology for medical students” provides a comprehensive overview of the age-specific differences between pediatric tumors and tumors of the adult age, importance of the age for diagnosis of cancer in childhood, factors influencing treatment decisions and the risks of anticancer therapy.. General section of the textbook provides a concise overview of the fundamental differences between pediatric and adult oncology, age specific clinical presentation of of the most common pediatric tumors, basic diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities of malignant diseases and last but not least the importance of organisation and centralisation of pediatric oncology on national and international level. Special section of the textbook offers an overview of the common and rare malignant tumors in children from epidemiology, etiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic procedures, differential diagnosis to treatment modalities and prognosis. The third section is devoted to emergencies and acute toxicity of anticancer treatment in pediatric oncology. The last section of the textbook offers the review of the most common late consequences and late effects in childhood cancer survivors. The textbook is designed as a basic information of principles and practices in pediatric oncology for pregradual students of medical faculty. The main goal of textbook is the understanding and basic knowledges of the pediatric tumors. Another aim of the textbook is to learn students how to work with literature and literature database search.

autor: Viera Bajčiová, Pavel Mazánek, Karel Zitterbart | LF MU | disciplína: Onkologie, radioterapie, Pediatrie, neonatologie | kategorie: Multimedia, Educational websites | klíčová slova: Children, cancer, pediatric oncology, age specific differences | příloh: 1 | zobrazeno: 2281x | publikováno: 25.1.2016 | poslední úpravy: 4.12.2018

Practical exercises from Medical Biochemistry for students of Dental Medicine

Practical exercises from Medical Biochemistry for students of Dental Medicine

The laboratory manuals are developed to the foreign students of medicine for practical laboratory exercise and verification of knowledge from medical biochemistry. Exercises are gathered into bigger groups by topics. Student can apply their manual skill in performing of the experiments, and also train their ability in evaluation of results and making of diagnoses.

First published: Tomečková V., Kron I., Mareková M.: Practical exercises from biochemistry, Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach, Košice 2011, ISBN 978-80-7097-874-0.

autor: Peter Urban, Vladimíra Tomečková, Jana Mašlanková, Marek Stupák, Mária Mareková | UPJŠ LF v Košiciach | disciplína: Lékařská chemie a biochemie | kategorie: Educational works | klíčová slova: biochemistry, practical exercises | příloh: 27 | zobrazeno: 16747x | publikováno: 15.2.2011 | poslední úpravy: 10.2.2019



Do provozu byl úspěšně předán projekt pro správu a distribuci chráněných videí s názvem Streaming a distribuce chráněných multimédií lékařských fakult UK s využitím technologické infrastruktury CESNET. Rozhraní pro uživatele je na adrese uvedené v tabulce pod textem. Jde o komplexní systém pro správu, úschovu a řízenou distribuci citlivých výukových multimediálních materiálů.

autor: Tomáš Nikl | 1.LF UK | disciplína: Ostatní | kategorie: Výukové video | klíčová slova: video, videoserver, medical, media | příloh: 1 | zobrazeno: 8360x | publikováno: 31.5.2011 | poslední úpravy: 9.1.2012

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ABC of Informatics
.. becomes increasingly important for medical professionals to have an understanding of.. .. 363.55 KB registered user – Predmety/kurzy Medical informatics and statistics 2 [ULI/MIS-DM2/15]..

Databases in MS Access
.. 292.47 KB MEFANET user – Predmety/kurzy Medical Informatics [ULI/MInf-GM/09] Medical informatics..

Basics of Nursing Presentations
.. are designed to help English speaking medical as well as nursing students comprehend to some..

Basic principles and molecular mechanisms regulating early development of mammals - physiology and pathology
.. educational material is recommened to General Medical, Dental Medical students and the students who..

Clinical Examination of the Psychiatric Patient
.. covered: family history, previous and current medical illnessess, alcohol and other substance history,.. .. 25.27 MB registered user – – medical illnesses | 9.3.2011 27.68 MB registered user..

Gamma knife
.. about radiosurgery. Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that allows non-invasive treatment of..

Radiological Imaging Methods
.. to the study of radiology for students of medical faculty. History of radiology, overview of..

Aktuální genetika / Current Genetics
.. multimedia textbook devoted to timely topics in medical biology, genetics and genomics. The chapters are..

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff
.. experimental cardiology. The film may be used at medical faculties and related schools. This..

Mini-invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence with tension free vaginal tape TVT-O
.. Stress urinary incontinence represents serious medical and social problem. Surgical treatment of..

Structure of Matter From Biophysical Point of View
.. anyone – – Pracoviská: Institute of Medical Physics, Biophysics, Informatics and..

diagnostic methods of nuclear medicine
.. nuclear medicine. It is designed for pregraduate medical students. It explains basic principles and..

CYTOCHROME P-450: genetic and population aspects
.. anyone – Pracoviská: Department of Medical..

.. for care of the burn victims for students of medical faculties. Prílohy: Príloha Dátum Veľkosť P..

Pathophysiology for Surgery
.. medical students in the 5th or 6th year have already..

.. Dept.of Urology Charles University in Prague, Medical Faculty and University Hospital Hradec Králové, C..

Hospital information system
.. System [ULI/HIS-GM/09] Pracoviská: Department of Medical..

Hypertext atlas of Fetal Pathology
.. an active index. The atlas is suitable both for medical students and pathologists as a teaching and..

General and specialized psychiatry
.. | 27.1.2006 116 KB registered user – Medical sexology | 27.1.2006 75.5 KB registered user..

Anatomical Dissection - Introduction to dissection course
.. to dissection course is aimed at students of the medical faculty within the scope of anatomical studies..

Cardiac tamponade due to cardiac metastases
.. cardiac output (Figure 1). The condition is a medical emergency with resultant cardiogenic shock and.. .. instability versus pericardial effusions from medical causes such as malignancy where large volumes of..

Management of breast cancer
.. right axillary tumour, too. She had no other medical problems. She had no personal or family history..

Digitální atlas normálních nálezů v DICOM formátu
.. supporting research and education in the area of medical image information," International Journal..

Posterior wall myocardial infarction
.. discharged to outpatient care on the 5th day. Medical therapy in discharge: Anopyrin 100mg 0-1-0..

Combined orthodontic-surgical treatment of impacted teeth
.. because of persistent deciduous teeth 53, 63. Medical history: Fit and well, overcome routine child..

Mitral valve reconstruction because of Barlow's disease with mitral insufficiency, perioperative SAM (systolic anterior motion)
.. systolic murmur was diagnosed during preventive medical examination. Patient was sent to a cardiology..

A two stage non extraction treatment of distoocclusion with proclination of upper incisors (AII/1)
.. undergone treatment with fixed appliances Medical history: Fit and well, overcome routine child..

Treatment of overjet by retraction of frontal teeth to temporary anchorage devices (TADs)
.. overjet, crooked lower teeth, ugly smile“ Medical history: Fit and well, overcome routine child..

Aortic dissection
.. and antihypertensive treatment. The aim of medical management is to maintain a mean arterial..

Acute abdomen - gallstone ileus
.. cases in patients over 65 years of age. Despite medical advances, gallstone ileus is still associated..

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